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Anti Doping Code


The Latvian Cricket Federation is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of integrity, ethics, and fairness in sports. This Anti-Doping Code of Conduct is established to outline the principles and expectations regarding anti-doping measures for all athletes, coaches, officials, and individuals associated with the Federation.

Key Principles:

  1. Compliance: We commit to conducting all activities with transparency, ensuring that decisions and actions are made in the best interests of the sport and its participants.

  2. Clean Sport: We promote and support clean sport, free from the use of banned substances or prohibited methods.

  3. Education: We will provide anti-doping education and information to all participants to ensure awareness and understanding of their responsibilities.

  4. Testing: We support and cooperate with anti-doping testing procedures and ensure the protection of athletes' rights and privacy.


All members of the Latvian Cricket Federation are expected to:

  1. Refrain from the use of prohibited substances or methods as outlined in the current WADA Prohibited List.

  2. Be aware of and follow anti-doping rules, regulations, and procedures.

  3. Cooperate fully with anti-doping officials, including providing accurate whereabouts information, submitting to testing, and participating in education programs.

  4. Be responsible for what they ingest, use, or administer, and take all necessary precautions to avoid inadvertent doping violations.

  5. Understand the potential risks associated with dietary supplements and exercise caution when using them.

  6. ​Report any knowledge of anti-doping rule violations by others within the Federation.

Consequences for Violations:

Violations of this Anti-Doping Code of Conduct may result in disciplinary actions, including sanctions, suspension, or expulsion from the Federation, in accordance with relevant anti-doping policies.

Reporting Violations:

If you become aware of any violation of this Anti-Doping Code of Conduct, you should report it to the appropriate authority within the Federation.


By adhering to this Anti-Doping Code of Conduct, we ensure a level playing field, uphold the principles of fair play, and protect the health and well-being of all athletes within the Latvian Cricket Federation. Let us collectively contribute to the promotion of clean and ethical sport.

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